10 months for transition – Ecohub Utopia @HEI

Loïse Pignat, 2019





The ecological and social transition is at the heart of all personal questions, professional training and political and public strategies. The needs of students and university campuses are related to innovation, field linkages and research application while respecting personal and professional human values. But what are the solutions? How to be active? The Ecohub, as a pole and laboratory for experiments and encounters, offers a 10-month programme of animation and awareness raising. A working team of entrepreneurs, landscapers, journalists, communication specialists and social workers work together to keep the Ecohub alive with a growing community of students. Utopia is my working group for my Master Project at the HKB BFH about 10 months for transition. Its founding members come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of skills. They all support a common objective: to promote production and consumption patterns that are more respectful of global limits and sustainable from an economic, social and environmental point of view. The core mission of the association is to prepare future generations to adapt to the consequences of global warming and acting with conviction to develop new futures and new modes of production and consumption.

10 months of transition circle