aestuar – Facilitationg End of Life Experience

Hanna Büker, 2020




Dying, saying goodbye or mourning are very private matters in our society. Death usually does not appear in public. And yet it is something that makes us all equal. We die. We mourn. And we want to say goodbye.

Every day we read, see and hear about death and yet the reality of dying is so strange to us. We don’t ‘do’ death any more. When a loved one is dying, we feel lost and helpless. We find ourselves in a situation unknown to us and this often in an unfamiliar setting. What is expected of me? How can I help the dying person and how can I also help myself in this situation?

The brand Aestuar is the first Brand to offer products that support family members with activities for the “daily farewell routine”.The idea is to help, but also to elicit a discussion on the topic of end of life. This entails both a practical approach with products that can be used for the care of a dying person as well as a more reflective part with content that provides information, guidance and support throughout the process. An example of such a product is the Ice Lollipop Box. At the end of life, the desire to eat and drink usually decreases. This is a natural reaction of the body as the organs slowly shut down. Consequently it becomes more and more challenging to consume large amounts of solid and liquid food. It is difficult for the relatives to see and accept this change. The Ice Lollipop Box makes it possible for the relatives to create ice cubes with flavors liked by the person. This could include juice, Coca Cola, wine, beer, syrup or even coffee.The lollipops allow the dying person to enjoy their favorite tastes in small portions. In addition, it allows the relatives to create something personal for the dying.

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