Culture Lab Lausanne

Marta Sukhno, 2019




Why Culture Lab Lausanne? More than 43% of the population in the Lausanne region is of a foreign origin and even more than that have a mother tongue other than French. Having this linguistic and cultural diversity in one city makes it difficult sometimes for its residents to feel like part of one community. There is often a division between local French-speaking community and foreign, mainly English-speaking group. While traditional language schools and integration programs try to tackle this problem, it is still done through traditional teaching methods and does not offer enough interaction between foreign and local population to bring them closer together and facilitate intercultural exchange between the residents of Lausanne. What is Culture Lab Lausanne? Culture Lab Lausanne is an ecosystem of co-learning space, services and people that brings together Lausanne’s diverse population through communicative language teaching and intercultural exchange. Who is it for? Culture Lab Lausanne is aimed to help Lausanne residents who want to communicate better in French or English through engaging teaching and language exchange within the community. It is also helping independent language teachers who use communicative approach through providing space, resources and professional development support to them. What do we do? We build the intercultural community of learners and teachers through providing the space and platform for them to meet and interact as well as engaging and supporting them in this process through events and resources at our co-learning space.