e-History. Re-designing materials for teaching history

Flore Pillet, 2016





The most powerful tools for learning are the ones that students love to use. Flore Pillet believes in historical knowledge as an essential skill for every-one. This is why she has designed e-History, a new history teaching tool that creates unique opportunities and learning experiences for teachers and students in high schools. It changes the way teachers teach and students learn.  

e-History is a digital tool that provides teachers with everything they need for teaching. It is a web platform where teachers can write about subjects for their lessons and can publish articles that include videos, podcasts, images and books. Teachers can create their own history textbook and finally teach in the ways they’ve always imagined. e-History is a dynamic tool where students and teachers can like, comment, highlight or save articles. Using all the platform‘s functions, students and teachers can express themselves individually about different subjects. Furthermore, the platform is accessible on every device to all students from the same class. Flore Pillet is working in collaboration with students and teachers to help them to become comfortable with new technology. In so doing, she helps them to integrate the platform into their curriculum, and shows them how to create engaging articles. In addition, e-History provides a series of workshops designed specifically for educators. 

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