Grainglow is a limited liability company based in Zurich, born in Bern  at the HKB Bern. The idea of having an own sustainable company evolved 7 years ago when I started Vanillacrunnch. Vanillacrunnch is an online persona/social media influencer epitomized by Lara Zaugg.   This thesis asks the question of sustainability in the todays working and living environment. Different working concepts have been analysed and prototypes (Pop Up Summerfling) have been designed. The results of these experiences and learnings have been gathered and evaluated to design a sustainable Start-Up on all levels.  This is an ongoing project and if you are interested in following the progress and adventures of Grainglow, visit and follow our Instagram account @grainglow  

Grainglow in a nutshell

· is an example for tangible, applied and collaborative sustainability

· shows ways of living sustainable by "teaching" society in a playful and delicious way

· takes responsibility for the human (society), environment and the business itself

· encourages Swiss entrepreneurship by not only constituting a role model for others but inviting them to be part of the process & learn

· bakes unique, vegan, innovative delicacies