WHO PLANTED TREES. A Social / Educational project

Ina Navahrodskaya, 2016





This project was inspired by a book by the French author Jean Giono: The man who planted trees, and is a transdisciplinary project combining design with the “Art-based Environmental Education” (AEE) research method. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of trees in our life, and to promote the idea among children of protecting and respecting nature. 

The project is a non-profit initiative and doesn’t aim to make any financial profit. Its goal is to develop a new educational programme for schools based on AEE, and a web archive with children’s drawings on the topic. An exhibition and an archive of interviews offering diverse opinions will complete the project. Participants from different countries will be able to upload their own artworks individually to the website. The workshop plan can be used by educators worldwide and is available for download. A printed study kit can also be purchased. Furthermore, the web page/online archive will contain information about organisations that support planting trees and play an active part in decreasing deforestation worldwide.

exercise sheet
educational programme for schools
archive with children’s drawings